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Short video on self-stigma and recovery





Video on Self-Stigma

Video Blogger Winner for the International Bipolar Foundation.

Amy Gamble

Speaking at the 10th Annual Bethany College Conference - 2017.  The video starts as I begin to speak about self-stigma.

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​​​​​​​Meet Amy Gamble...

​Amy Gamble is an inspiring mental health and motivational speaker.  She's an Olympian, a former NCAA Division I athlete, an author and a marketing and sales standout for Fortune 500 companies.  She draws from all her experiences to deliver messages to audiences young and old.  Her style is authentic and engaging.  Amy lives in recovery with bipolar disorder, who she calls her "biggest competitor." 

Talk Titles

An Olympian's Journey with Mental Illness - this talk details Amy's journey with bipolar disorder.  It's an inspirational story about overcoming challenges and working to find recovery and a sense of purpose.

Shining the Light, Ending the Stigma - designed for  audiences to shed light on the ways stigma for mental illness and addictions are entrenched in our culture and what we can do to help change the stigma.  The talk sheds light on how stigma is effecting research, treatment and prevention dollars.  Amy also shares how self-stigma effected her and her journey with bipolar disorder.  The talk is educational.

Time to Talk Mental Illness - This is a talk for audiences of all ages.  It's educational and inspirational talk designed to teach people more about the ten most common signs and symptoms of mental illness, the warning signs of suicide and what you can do to help someone.  The talk is tailored to the age of the audience.

How to Stay Healthy in a Crazy World - Amy discusses 10 ways to stay healthy in a crazy world.  She inspires and motivates her audience with stories.  It's a call to action talk.


​"Amy's talks have been well received by the West Liberty University community.  Her presentations impact the individuals on a personal level.  Sharing her personal experiences with mental illness and talking about mental health is breaking down the barriers that prevent individuals from receiving help.  Amy demonstrates resilience that echo's to her audience."

Lisa Witzberger, West Liberty University Counselor        

​"At Wheeling Jesuit University we were honored to have Amy Gamble help our campus celebrate World Mental Health Day with her presentation "Mental Health Matters."  She shared about her personal journey with our students and student-athletes, faculty, coaches, athletic staff and administration.  Amy's presentation is a captivating and powerful experience that is helping to raise awareness and end the stigma of mental illness."

Tina Tordell, Wheeling Jesuit University Counselor        

​"​Amy Gamble is an outstanding speaker.  She engages and inspires her audience.  I would highly recommend her."

Renee Stock, Bethany College Counselor 

“With 39 years of high school teaching experience, I have had the privilege of hearing several speakers talk on a lot of different health related topics to students, from tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse, and many others.  Last year, when I was asked to help find speakers for our annual health fair, I asked our students for suggestions of topics.  I was really surprised to see that depression was mentioned by a lot of students.  I have heard that Amy spoke on this topic, so I was excited that someone with her background was willing to come and speak to our students. Personally, she had more to say than I could have imagined, and really opened our faculty’s and students’ eyes to the different sides and levels of mental illness.  Amy was as good as any speaker I have ever heard concerning teenage health issues, and my only regret is that I didn’t give her a lot more time to talk.  I can’t wait to have her come back again!”

 Mark Witzberger, Cameron High School, Cameron WV

"Amy speaks from experience and from the heart. It is great to see a mental health success story tied into and an educational program. .  I would refer her to speak for your organization or school."

Suzanne Steele Muncy, Moundsville Middle School
West Virginia Health & PE Teacher of the Year

“Being responsible for the educational presentations in six high rise buildings, I am always looking for charismatic speakers with relevant topics. Recently, Ms. Gamble presented a talk on removing the stigma from mental illness. The combination she used of factual information, along with her personal story, made for an awesome and well received presentation. The participants asked meaningful questions and received helpful answers, as Ms. Gamble was very approachable and participants were encouraged to interact with her. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for more presentations in our buildings, as well as in the community at large.”

Carol Stryker, MSW, LSW
ROSS Coordinator
Wheeling Housing Authority

"I am a teacher at Moundsville Middle School.  In May of 2016, Amy Gamble came to our school to talk about Mental illness.  She had a great presentation and I felt our students really learned from her presentation.  The fact that she experienced her information first hand made it more believable.  I believe her talk really reached out to our students and it made the students think about “what am I really going through” and “wow, I’m not the only one feeling this way.”  This was a great step towards raising awareness of Mental Illness and how it can effect anyone.  We would like to bring her back for a second presentation."

Sue Lewicki/MMS teacher and Friends of Rachel Advisor

“Amy’s presentation was informative and insightful.  It was so helpful to all of us who attended to not only learn about mental health issues but to see Amy as a role model for healing and mental wellness.  Comments on Amy’s program were very positive, and I would recommend the program to professionals as well as community members who are looking for information on mental health concerns.”

Ann Koegler
Altenheim Retirement Center

" I vividly remember Amy speaking from the heart and being such an inspiration to those students with and without mental illness. It's important for the students and the public to hear the message about the challenges of mental illness and help them understand it better and it's important for those students with a mental illness to hear her powerful words and to see how successful she is gives them hope. Amy's messages through her blog and her  work will be a source of inspiration and hope to students and adults for years to come. Marshall County and the Ohio Valley is lucky to have Amy and proud of all her accomplishments."

Ashlea Minch
Woodsdale Elementary School

"Amy's comments to the John Marshall High School Class of 2016 were both instructional and heartfelt.  Her message focused on successes and failures in life and the need to continue to stay positive no matter what hand life has dealt."

Roseann Ferro